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Another random update

February 16th, 2011 (02:59 am)

You know if it's not on the Internet--with photos--it didn't happen. So here are a few photos capturing 2011 moments I haven't yet documented.

Houston's AssistHers organization held a two-day tattoo and piercing marathon to raise money for their client programs. For nearly fifteen years, AssistHers has worked with an all-volunteer staff to provide non-medical, in-home support and care to lesbians with illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. Multiple tattoo and piercing artists from Gaslight Gallery Tattoo & Piercing, Monster Tattoo Company, Scorpion Studios Tattoo, and Bombshell Tattoo donated their time and the bulk of their proceeds from the event to AssistHers.

I was lucky enough to be present for two of these tattoos, as inked by the fantastic Kat Adlerz at Gaslight. I can't even adequately tell you how cool Kat is--the next time you want a tattoo, she's your artist!--and I shot photos of her at work. During Saturday's session, I saw her ink Lindsey on the underside of the arm where her camera tattoo is. The new tattoo says VITA BREVIS/ARS LONGA, which is fancy talk for "Life is short/Art is long." As Mark L has noted, at least two of my Magnetic Poetry poems have this theme. I think most people who create hope that what we do will exist beyond our years on the planet.

The next day, Tim got another tattoo, just around the shoulder blade from his original Barking Dog. His new ink is a fox.

People getting inked is one of the most mesmerizing things to watch, and it always makes me want to get a tattoo. I never have and probably never will, but I understand the allure.

These photos are all blurry because this young lady stays on the move. It's always a pleasure when EZ comes to visit. If you're new to my LJ or you don't read Tim's, EZ is the first dog he fostered for Scout's Honor. You can learn about her by following her thread on Tim's LJ.

I consider her a miracle dog. She suffered terrible injuries when she was thrown out of the back of a pickup truck on one of Houston's toll roads. Her people never stopped or came back. Another driver stopped and rescued her, and she ended up sponsored by Scout's Honor. She needed a lot of surgery, many casts, and a "bionic" leg. She had to be spayed and treated for heart worms. When Scout's Honor put out the call for help, Tim saw it and applied to foster her. And many generous donors paid for her extensive vet care.

EZ spent most of her early days at Tim's in her crate. Because she hadn't been properly socialized, she was best suited for a single-dog family without young children. Ultimately, she became a healthy, beautiful dog and after a year with Tim, found the most amazing forever home. We're so lucky that her new family lets her stay with us when they travel.

I guess EZ was Tim's gateway dog, because since her time here, sixteen more dogs have been fostered at The Compound. They've come in all shapes and sizes, with every kind of personality, and each of them has gone to a forever home best suited to his or her temperament and needs.

If you love dogs and cats but aren't in a position to make a forever home for one--it can be expensive!--you might consider looking into a foster program like Scout's Honor that pays for all the costs but needs someone willing to provide room and maybe a little training and socializing to rescued animals. And if you can't foster or adopt, rescue organizations always need financial assistance.

Finally, we also celebrated a birthday here in late January--with cake. Do you understand how we feel about cake at The Compound?


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