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Not a happy story

February 16th, 2011 (10:22 pm)

This story just broke my heart. Someone deliberately used lethal amounts of herbicide on Live Oak trees in Auburn, Alabama, that are estimated to be more than 130 years old. A person who called himself "Al" and a Crimson Tide fan claimed responsibility for the poisoning on a radio show. Whether or not this was really about a football rivalry, it's a shameful and inexcusable act of eco terrorism.

If you read Three Fortunes in One Cookie, you may remember our nod to the wonderful heritage of the South's Live Oaks. These majestic beauties have their own names and belong to their own society. There are rules and even laws governing how we treat them.

I hope whoever did this is found and punished. These trees aren't just part of Auburn University's football tradition. They are part of all Southerners' hearts.

Tim in the Friendship Oak on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast
in Long Beach in 2004.

Live Oak at the Menil Museum, Houston, Texas, 2007.

Live Oak at Becks on Westheimer, Houston, Texas, 2007.


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