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A day of peace

March 4th, 2011 (01:15 pm)

On Facebook, a young man--possibly a high school student--created "A Day of Peace" for March 4. So far, 1.7 million Facebook members have agreed to try to make today as peaceful as possible in their lives.

Nothing wrong with giving peace a chance.

If my mother were alive, she'd be celebrating her eighty-fifth birthday today. It's also Timmy's birthday--though he's much younger than 85. In fact, in Aries World, I believe he's 24. It's also rain_wolfe's birthday.

I wish them happy birthdays, and I wish for all of you a peaceful day in which we treat one another well.

Now I plan to do the most granola thing I can think of: go to Whole Foods. Of course, I'm only buying for the dogs. They get the best treatment on The Compound.


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