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Why I don't like to go to the grocery store

March 8th, 2011 (04:01 pm)

I bring you this illustration with images that I've stolen from the Internet to show you why I don't like to go to the grocery store.

During daylight hours, I usually turn into the first lane as I enter the parking lot. This is not a particularly popular lane for parking, as most people park closer to the main entrance.

Every parking lot lane is one way. There are always drivers who go the wrong way on this lane because it's the lane closest to the exit. Which means when I'm pulling in or backing out, I have to watch for wrong-way vehicles as well as put up with hateful glares and rude gestures from IMPROPERLY EXITING drivers as if I AM IN THE WRONG for blocking their getaway route.

Then there are the people who treat parking spaces as if they are cart return locations. Today was the most amazing. The woman unloading her cart into the car next to mine walked across the lane to put her cart IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARKING SPACE. As you can see, she could have walked about the same distance across the MAIN lane to return her cart to the line of carts in front of the store.

Because neither she nor I could leave anyway (thanks to the line of cars going the wrong way), after I returned my cart to the front of the store, I walked to her abandoned cart and did the same with it. She pretended to be fumbling through the contents of her purse rather than meet my eyes.


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