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Magnetic Poetry 365:70

March 11th, 2011 (01:24 pm)

As you know, every day for a year, I plan to draw random words from my collection of Magnetic Poetry words and write a poem. Today, I'm doing something different. I follow director Chris Weitz on Twitter. He's offering to donate a thousand dollars to earthquake/tsunami relief efforts in the name of whoever sends him the best haiku.

So today, I searched for specific words. Whether or not my haiku is the "best" doesn't matter. I wanted to show my gratitude toward Chris for his generosity and for the way he's encouraging people to express their feelings and reactions creatively. I'm for anything that encourages creativity.

In a larger sense, my haiku is a thank you to everyone who helps every day, whether it's financially or physically or emotionally. In an age when we are constantly bombarded by information showing people's worse selves, most people's better selves are taking care of the world and its inhabitants.

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