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Good day, Sunshine

March 14th, 2011 (06:30 pm)

The sun has been coy. We began the day with a rousing thunderstorm--much appreciated by all but Margot and probably Rex!--and for the rest of the day, the sun has come and gone like a drama queen on Facebook.

I remarked to Tom yesterday how strange it seems that people can be suffering so acutely on part of the planet--So sorry, Japan--at the same time others get to enjoy beautiful days. Yet I know that when we're in the middle of drought or hurricane cleanup, I like seeing those beautiful days elsewhere as a reminder that Nature will be beautiful where I am again.

Though I know food posts are like dreams--mainly interesting only to the dreamer or chef--I can't help but share...

My happiness in being able to go outside to cut my own rosemary and lemon verbena.

To put on this foil-wrapped salmon.

That I'm serving with lightly sauteed vegetables on a bed of saffron rice topped with a bit of crumbled feta.

Along with a salad and herb/garlic bread. Should I set a place for you? You don't like fish? Me, either, so much. That's why that tiny piece of salmon is mine, and--full disclosure--I've got a few popcorn shrimp to go along with it, because I love shrimp.


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