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Clouds, clouds, clouds

March 19th, 2011 (10:25 pm)

We have too many clouds tonight for me to see the supermoon, or perigee-syzygy. I've enjoyed reading the lunatic* speculations that abound online about two things that happen every month, just not always on the same night.

ETA: Flickr group right here if you'd like to see more than 3700 supermoon shots from around the world.

I stood on the front porch for a while, but along with no moon sightings, there were no werewolves or earthquakes. Still, the night's not over. I'll keep you posted.

While outside, I didn't see the little guy (or maybe it's a female; who knows) who's been visiting our redbud tree with frequency. I was able to get a photo of him the other night, thanks to Tom letting me know he was there.

Maybe when I go out later, he'll be hunting. The neighborhood does provide plenty of prey--I saw a little gray prey running along the phone wire the other night and into our pine tree, but Owl apparently wasn't hungry, because he kept watching Margot. Apparently owls, too, can be described by that old phrase, "His eyes were bigger than his stomach."

*See what I did there?


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